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Two Lovers

“Ugh, this is so tiring! I told him that I did not want to come but he just never listens, he always wants things to go his way”, and then I heard low sobbing from her side, low in noise but she was crying a river. Probably I won’t need water for some time! Eventually she stopped, with occasional sounds of stuffy nose and trying to control the rest of her tears. Then those eyes would well up again and the whole process would repeat with exact same noises and a moan of emotional pain here and there. I looked at her wondering what happened to make a girl so beautiful so sad. Yes, she was beautiful, she had this cute button nose, soft pink lips and round doe eyes shining hazel with a few golden specs. Now you must be thinking how I had noticed while she was crying, well I saw her when she arrived here, and when you come to my age, you become more observant.

She stopped her crying after a while and just sat down here, leaning on me and staring across the town. I didn’t like seeing her sad for some reason. It felt as if I was undergoing the same thing even though I didn’t know what it was. I felt helpless as I couldn’t do anything apart from just standing and watching her. She must have sat there for probably an hour or two, or maybe four, I’m not sure, I lost track of time. But she was humming some song that must be popular these days. I couldn’t understand the words but somehow the tune went with the mood – melancholic and serene at the same time. I stood there listening to her for as long as I remember.

It was almost sunset then. The big ball of fire turning deep orange with twilight hues of purple, pink, peach and red, with blue sky above. It was magnificent, it was timeless, it was enchanting, the most beautiful scene I had ever witnessed. Now, I have seen a lot of sunsets, almost every day unless there are clouds surrounding the sun, making it difficult to look at; and even after having seen them for almost all my life, I still love them. They symbolize beauty, romance, spirituality and serenity. This was like every other sunset, yet so beautiful. I looked at her from the side, the golden and pink tinges giving a beautiful color to her face, making it look even more radiant. Her hazel eyes shining golden were transfixed at the scene ahead and her expressions were calm, as if she had made peace with herself, put everything behind and looking forward to a new hope; as if like the day ended, she had put an end to her problems too; as if she had finally decided what she wanted to do and found a solution to it.

It was refreshing seeing her somehow; when you come to my age, you have already seen most of it, so much so that it gets boring sometimes. But then, there are times like these – noticing different kinds of people, trying to understand what is going on in their mind, looking at the hypnotic sunset everyday coalescing with ground, eyes getting fixated on the azure sky, birds flying freely, wooing each other, flirting with the wind and enjoying the freedom, making out the countless stars and constellations in the dark night sky, allowing us to dream hope and wish for things, just appreciating the wonder of nature and how it is all so astounding – times like these are the best. I feel lucky to be able to provide a shadow, a support, a tranquillity to everyone who craves for it. It is great to have that power of giving, of serving, of being someone who can be of help in any way possible.

Suddenly I heard a voice from distance, “Miri, Miri…. Where are you?” It was a male voice, probably her friend, special friend; trust me when I say I have an idea because I have seen so many people, lovers, couples, friends, siblings, so many of them interact with each other. I have noticed their behavior and how it changes by relation. Sometimes I feel how weird and complicated these beings are, I mean we do not have these many defined relations or gender or any other determining factors. I mean the only difference between us would be the type – the kind of fruit we give birth to, and that is named by them too. “Miri, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Miri! I love you. Sweetheart please, where are you?” I heard his voice again, breaking my chain of thought. I looked at her, Miri, a sweet name if I say so myself. It seemed like she didn’t yet hear his voice. But again, the voice was coming from a great distance and at my age, you become a very good listener. So, I waited to see the scene unfold. After around five minutes, a young lad came, looking frantically for someone, for Miri and as soon as he saw her, he literally ran all the way and hugged her. It was quite obvious he loved her and was worried where she had been. I saw her freezing in shock for a second but then she hugged him back with the same intensity. Hmmmm young love.

I remember falling in love too. Of course it is different when you don’t have legs and hands and we don’t have too many genders too. She used to stand opposite me and we would both stare at each other all day long. We would hum to the tune of wind and support each other during storm. We would smile each other as we undress and wear new leaves when the season comes. We would give birth to different fruits but we would always be there, for years. She was petite, a little chubby and cute, shorter than me with small leaves and cute fruits – I think they call it peach, and they call me mango. We were there like that for a few years, swaying together to the wind and rain while stealing touches every now and then; suddenly she was gone one day, her time was up. I was left all alone and began enhancing my skills – listening, observing, grasping, understanding, empathizing, being selfless, etc. – to be my age, you need to have them.

Suddenly out of the corner of my bark, I saw them leaving, arm in arm, her head on his shoulder. Damn, I missed all the drama! Anyways, they looked sorted, happy even. Seeing people happy made me feel content too. I smiled and looked above, a zillion and more stars twinkling upon the town, illuminating the whole place. Half-moon peaking from behind a single cloud as if making sure it was fine for it to come out. It had already been 200 years, I had become old and didn’t feel much energy these days. Half of my leaves had already fell down, the other half dried and dead. When you come to my age, you know when it is your time. And it was mine now. I took one last breath and fell into deep slumber, a content smile on my face as I felt the gentle breeze for one last time.



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