If I got to choose my end…

If I ever had a chance
to choose my end,
I’d be floating in the water,
the waves making me smile,
as they rock me back and forth,
Lulling me to a restful sleep,
the sky would look warm,
the sun grinning at me,
telling me it’s okay,
That I won’t be all alone…

Gradually, I’d go deeper,
Explore the beauty beneath,
The water turning bluer,
Hidden from the world,
Listening to the age old mysteries
of sunk ships and secret possessions,
Satiating my curiosity,
The resplendent life inside,
Succumbing to their fate…

And eventually, I’ll reach,
The deepest, darkest pit
Within the vast entirety
Of the blue, black, abyss
Where I lay beyond the world,
In peace, happiness, and content,
Accepting the truth of life,
And pleased with the outcome…
I lay succumbing to my choice of fate…

Published by somewhere_isolated

A passionate reader and an aspiring author, I love evincing my thoughts and opinions through words. Playing with words is an art many can try but very few are able to express. It is an intriguing and interesting art, I wish to master.

2 thoughts on “If I got to choose my end…

  1. This takes away any stress one may have towards worldly circumstances they may feel is out of their control. The thing is, you cannot control certain things, such as fate. No sense in worrying about things you can’t change, it goes beyond us, all we can do is what we can. This poem illustrates the need to let go of things out of our control, and accepting things for what it is.

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