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Life and change

People change….with age, with experience, with circumstances, with people….. We all change, as life moves on, as we go ahead, embarking on different adventures and emotions. We have different roads to go to, different destinations to reach. Sometimes, the situation forces us on a particular path, irrespective of whether we wish to go there. Other times, we choose our own path, unbeknownst to the threats we may find in the way, unbeknownst to the fact that the road may or may not lead to the destination we desire to reach, the dreams we wish to fulfill and the success we hope to attain. We do not know what the future holds. No one knows it. But the way we plan our next day, a week after, a few months later, a couple of years and our whole future, its all hope…….we hope to live, we plan to live. And we definitely plan to live our lives a particular way.

But not everyone gets their wishes fulfilled. And not every time things happen the way we want them to. We all have our own tests to survive, pain to endure and problems to overcome. We find ourselves in situations and we are stuck. This was not in the plan. What to do now? We were not prepared for this. Everyone has their own set of circumstances and struggles where they can’t find a way out without altering their so called perfect dream. We all are needed to take a detour at some point in life, so that we could think better, plan better and find a better solution, for a better future.

There are many who give in when they are not able to cope up……when they can’t decide what to do next. They can’t survive in this situation and they can’t find a way out. So they give in. They lack the patience and will to fight, or perhaps they grew tired of fighting, without seeing any results. Other times, they just continue to sustain….not live, just sustain. They continue to exist, not showing any emotions, doing whatever best they could think of, at that point of time, and just get on with it. They wake up every morning, without any hopes, because they are now exhausted of hoping. They realize that hopes only hold you back, they just prove how pathetic you and your situation is. For whatever reasons, they stop hoping. They do their work of the day, eat whenever they could and sleep at night without any dreams. Because, like hope, they have also lost their faith in dreams. So they continue to exist in a particular routine.

But then, things change. Not every time it changes to good, but after a long time of existing, they have come to accept the truth. They see things happen differently. For so long, they have lived the routine that even the slightest change seems like a big one. They get a chance leave their existing life and go back……to their old life, to the life which would be related to their old one, to their old acquaintances and friends and relations. They get a chance to go back. Now, after so long, they finally have a choice – to stay the way they are right now, or move towards betterment. They are tempted to leave at first dawn, they are all packed and waiting for the minutes to go by. They couldn’t sleep. And somewhere, during their sleepless night, they come to a realization, they come to an acceptance. They need to change according to the demands of life. They need to change their way of living, they need to change their expectations from life and they need to change their perspective of life. Its not always white or black. Its not always good or bad. Sometimes, there is also a grey, which people usually don’t see. But when they do, they realize that things are fine. They are fine. As long as they have the chance to change their future, they will be fine. They are in a better place now. They are a better person now. They are not the same person they used to be. They have changed. Life has changed them. And somehow they can’t imagine themselves to go back. They feel they have moved forward with their lives and they like it here. They don’t want to change anything, not right now. Because this is how they wish to stay. They would change and mould as and when required, because its the way of life. But they won’t go back. They will move forward but would never go back. They are at peace now because they know that at the end, it will all be worth it.

Change is necessary, it teaches you great lessons, it make you realize how little you know of the world, it helps you accept and adjust, it makes you feel all times of emotions, it gives you a different kind of hope, a mature kind where you are not stuck in your forever, but you understand the importance and value of everything. Change teaches you things that you have no other way of learning and understanding. Change makes you mature, in your thoughts, in your mind, in your wisdom. Change makes you wise. And finally you embrace the change, to live further. Because what is the point of living, when you don’t let life change you?

“Life’s altered you, as it’s altered me.
What would be the point of living if we didn’t let life change us?”
– Downton Abbey

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