I am a sailor

I am moving
Slow, steady motion
Yet, yacht quavering
Trying to equilibrize
Standing on the deck
I see vastness
Bluish beneath
Wild blue yonder
All around
Not a soul
Voice of wind
Yet, deadly silent

Salty air, saline breath
Sonic, tidal waves
Kissing the sides of kitesurfer
Wind caressing my face
Tranquility hugging my heart

I go to the edge
Sudden stumbling of yacht
Almost death
Holding on to the railing
Erratic heart beat
I keep my stance
Eyes wide open
Trying to take in
The immenseness
Scenic horizon
Seemingly endless
Never felt before

Heart thudding
Yacht wobbling
Trying not to collapse
Gigantic, unpredictable waves
Assault of tempest
Raging sea
Fierce iciness
Frost nipping on body
Sticky and drenched
Eyes barely open
Death right here

Sun high above
Sweltering purlieu
Eyes squintched
Haunting memories
Relentless night
Standing up on the deck
Land ahoy!
Slowly making way
Securing the yacht
I reach destination

Grin on face
I turn around
Looking at the ocean
Glittering under the sun
A sight to behold
Taking in everything
Grin broadens
As I realize
I found myself
I fell in love

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Published by somewhere_isolated

A passionate reader and an aspiring author, I love evincing my thoughts and opinions through words. Playing with words is an art many can try but very few are able to express. It is an intriguing and interesting art, I wish to master.

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