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Lately I’ve been thinking
What happened to us?
We used to be happy, together
Now we are too much apart
How this hatred has grown
Out of love as we thought us to be
How the ending took a change so
Unexpected and unbelievable to be

Lately I’ve been trying
To think of ways to amend
Not our past relationship, no
But how it ended, for worse and more
I wish to seek forgiveness
Though I know it’s not possible
And I hope you do the same
Even if it won’t make it go away pain

Lately I’ve been lost
For I know naught where to begin
Haunted by those nightmares
My day counts me till the end
Closure is what I desire
No more than I can utter a word
Coz I know I haven’t been the best
Having hurt you so we deserve

Lately I’ve realized
We’ve been both at faults
In our intense hatred for both
We’ve scarred each other for life
I hope one fine day,
That day will come soon
When we’ll be looking other in the eye
Without any negative tune


Published by somewhere_isolated

Night / Stars / Dreams Ocean / Waves / Serenity Sunset / Beauty / Moments Sky / Nature / Freedom Life / Thrill / Adventure Food / Cook / Pleasure Books / Writing / Passion Dogs / Fur / Love Him / You / Home

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