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There are so many, you could never count in numbers. But you could always count on them. They are here to remind you that the world is beautiful. You’re trapped within, but you could enjoy what you have. These stars show you how you could stand out in this world of darkness. You don’t need to be special, coz you are already if you don’t let the black consume you.
Stars…… They let you imagine, stories where you could be anyone. They let you decide what character you wanna play. No, they don’t tell future like people believe them to do. They just want to make you understand the infinite possibilities you have but you don’t see. They portray the very sense of the vastness where you have no boundaries to be accustomed to. They evince the emotion of happiness and pride in the way they are up above, shining down upon us, illuminating the world. If this is what you call telling future, then that’s it. A future you can make for yourself, where you can be whoever you wanna be. Sometimes things are more than they appear, you need an eye to observe and appreciate the beauty and derive the meaning behind them.

“The stars don’t tell future, Donkey. They tell stories. Sometimes things are more than they appear” – Shrek

Published by somewhere_isolated

Night / Stars / Dreams Ocean / Waves / Serenity Sunset / Beauty / Moments Sky / Nature / Freedom Life / Thrill / Adventure Food / Cook / Pleasure Books / Writing / Passion Dogs / Fur / Love Him / You / Home

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