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Blue….. That’s the only color I could think of, every second, every hour. The color of the ocean. The way his irises shine when he is excited or happy, like the waves dancing on the ocean. The way they turn dark and gloomy, when they are sad, like the deepest part of the ocean holding so many mysteries, people die finding. They way his pupils dilate when our eyes meet, the blue turning even bluer like the middle of the ocean where you don’t have any option other than to continue going. His eyes are calm and composed, yet they hold a mysterious edge within, like how you’re drawn towards the ocean even when you know its dangerous.

His eyes are like that addiction I wish to cease, but it pulls me even closer as time passes by. Its like I want to stop but I want to keep on drowning, deeper and more, and not return.
Blue, that’s the only color I know now, and that has become my favorite.

Published by somewhere_isolated

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