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I’d still be here…

Loving can hurt, Loving can hurt sometimes,
But it’s the only thing that I know
– Photograph, Ed Sheeran

We all have that time when we question ourselves, why we love so much. Why we love that person, so much so we can’t imagine our lives without them in it. We don’t want to think of any time where they might not be with us. We just think of a forever, even though we know in our minds, that forever is nothing but a beautiful illusion. Yet we dwell in that illusion because we don’t want to think about anything outside of it. We become so helpless, so needy that we find the constant need to feel them just to make sure we are still living in the semblance.

Hurt me all you want,
But I’ll still be there
To hold you when
the waves go against
Though it sets my teeth on edge
Yet, here I am
Wearing my heart on sleeve
Always wishing you’d come back
Coz I’m not leaving this home
Which you and I have created
With so much love
And so many memories
We grow altogether
Cry and then laugh together
We don’t know how long we have
But let’s make our time worthwhile
Let’s do all of that and more
And live towards our sempiternal

Oh Darling,
Hurt me all you can
But I am helpless to our love
Wish I was stronger
But I don’t care
I am holding on to my faith
I’m holding on to you
Coz loving you
Is the only thing I can do

So Darling,
Hurt me all you wish
But I’d still be here
To hold you when
you feel alone
To make you feel at home
I’d still be here
I’d still be here

Published by somewhere_isolated

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