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Life of A Shoe

I have walked onto graveyards,
trampled on soil and grime,
run marathons on boulevards,
flown in an airplane sublime,

I have waltzed on the Elvis’
Felt the rush in the bar
I have travelled on the ferris
Watching the shore afar

I have danced around the meadows
Made memories on strolls
Digged through the burrows
In hopes of finding goals

I have seen the break of day
And the blackness of the night
The world, a beautiful ballet
Under the esoteric twilight

I have been trodden on
With no regard bestowed
I have played a loyal pawn
Even when pushed and towed

But when you think of me
Think me just a cypher
Even if you agree
That I have been your anchor

Coz darling, if I could ever speak
I’d say I had a good time
The earth a place of mystique
A fine creation of water, soil and grime


Published by somewhere_isolated

Night / Stars / Dreams Ocean / Waves / Serenity Sunset / Beauty / Moments Sky / Nature / Freedom Life / Thrill / Adventure Food / Cook / Pleasure Books / Writing / Passion Dogs / Fur / Love Him / You / Home

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