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Love is Unannounced

Love can happen at any point in time. However much you decide you don’t want to fall in love, you still may find someone; and however much you look for the right person, you still may not find a good match for you. It does have a date or a time frame or some kind of muhurta. It just happens, and knocks you off the ground, unexpectedly, in uncanny ways and unsuitable circumstances. Your heart won’t listen to you, it will just fall, however much you try to stop yourself from getting deeper, you still would fall, without any hope of getting a landing. You won’t know how deep it is until you reach and you won’t know what you will see there, how you will adjust, whether or not you will be able to survive, you won’t know anything. And that’s the beauty of it.

You may find love while sipping on your coffee, looking at the door, your eyes meeting the person who entered through the door just now. You may find love in a book shop where you both are so engrossed in the search for a good book that you didn’t see ahead and collided. You may find love in your best friend who knows your darkest secrets and all the bad things and still chose to be with you. You may find love right after your breakup with the wrong person, even though you are trying to avoid any sort of relationship for a long time. You may find love with your arrogant, good-for-nothing boss whom you hate with a passion because he wants you to stay late in the workplace. You may find love with your colleague with whom you spend your lunch break and weekends. You may find love with someone whom you passed by and just got a glimpse of that person in a hurry, and when you look back, they have disappeared already. You may find love in a bar, have a one-night stand, and not recognize the next time you see other other ‘coincidently’. You may find love right when you experience almost death and someone was there to take care of you. You may find love in your crush whom you have been trying to talk to for months but haven’t had enough guts. You may find love in so many crazy ways you can’t even think of. This may all sound dreamy and unrealistic, but that’s the thing – love is dreamy. It is like the best dream one could ever get the chance to see. Like finding one rare diamond among the same-looking fake ones, or trying to find a needle in the vast ocean. It is like that, and more.

Love can happen at any age, at any time, and at any pace. It can be as slow as a snail or as fast as a sailfish. It doesn’t see gender, caste, religion, race, or anything else because they don’t matter. Love is pure and nothing can change that. Hence, the next time someone says, love is bullshit, tell them they didn’t get to experience the real thing. Very few people out there are lucky to find love, even fewer are those who chose love over the world. So, when it knocks on your door and finds you in the most unbelievable situations, just remember to believe in it with all your heart and don’t let it go. Everything else will be worth it.

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