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The Power of Words

“O Dariya….. Hai wohi mera ghar – baar
Jahan ranjha mera, jahan ranjha mera”
~ Dariya by Arko

I didn’t ever know words like these could hit you hard. I mean its just a song right? Every song has a line which people could relate. That’s why they are so much in demand – songs. I never really understood how one can evince their emotions through them but when I listen to them, the lyrics, I am able to relate to different parts, different moments of my life. One of those moments where I finally realized that home is right where you are, I remembered that second right when I heard the above lines. How true and beautiful it is, to be able to relate to a situation by just listening a couple of words or reading them elsewhere. That’s how you know that poets, writers, lyricists, whatever term you want to use, the point is that they play an important role in society, they play with their words, in turn playing with our heart. Its funny how every person is able to connect with the same lines, whatever mood they are in and whatever their story may have been. They are all able to recount their memories, their pasts and their truths, their insecurities, their pain, their emotions and everything else, by just listening to a few lines. How much power words hold, we still don’t value them to their extent. As for me, they have supported me throughout, been there when no one else was, and brought me up from the abyss I tried myself getting lost into. They helped me escape, they made me who I am and they are still here, loyally looking out for me through the crevices, encouraging me to carry on one more day. For me, they are my essence and incentive to continue.

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