Real Life Philosophy

Have you ever found yourself in a real-life philosophical situation that feels like the universe is trying to tell you something? As if there is some sort of secret message for you to decipher? For the first time, something like that came to my notice. I was on a bike trip with a few friends and we were driving in the dark of the night. We were all exhausted throughout the day and ready to pass out right there, on the highway. Of course, we didn’t do it, coz we didn’t want to die! But so many things had happened in one day and we could only put up with so much. Our bikes broke down, we were off schedule, we had internal conflicts, and many other problems which were expected and not so serious; what was not in the itinerary was us seeing a live accident, in the middle of nowhere! The truck was collapsed on the driver’s side, the driver unconscious with his head bleeding, inside the truck! People trying to get him out but not wanting to hurt him more than he already was. All of us stopped, helped the people, called an ambulance, gave them water, and started praying for his safety.

However, my mind was running in a completely different direction. After some time, we all left the place and continued our journey, with things running in everyone’s mind. We were all silent, not interacting, not talking about what happened, just lost in our thoughts. But the question was, what occupied the mind at that time. What were we all thinking? Why were we all so distracted? Was it the accident or something else?

I can’t say for others, but for me, it was something else……. Something else but related to the accident. I saw the man unconscious, I saw the man bleeding, but what I didn’t see was ‘why’. We all breathe, we all live in the world, but why? I heard a friend praying for his life and asking God to save him. I thought I should pray too, but then what do I pray for? The man was supposed to die someday, it may have been that day, if not, then he would have survived. We all come with an expiry date, then why do we fear death so much, when we all know that it will happen ultimately. I tried praying but my mind questioned me if it was logical to pray for one. Somewhere out there someone else must be dying….. For how many am I going to pray? And how many prayers would get answered? And why should they?

I saw a police station nearby, the lights were on, they were on duty. I saw the ambulance rush through the traffic towards the accident, the hospital staff was also on duty. I realized that at the end, we all work ‘for’ each other, ‘under’ each other and ‘with’ each other. The series goes on….. But what about the result? What do we achieve by working constantly the whole life? By tolerating people, situations, relations and negayivity, what do we strive to be, ultimately?

No one knows! No one knows what difference they make in each other’s lives directly and indirectly. No one knows what’s the ultimate goal in life. No one has any idea, yet they all work for it, for something. I asked myself, ‘what is the purpose of living?’ After thinking for so long, I still don’t have the answer. Why are we doing it all…

While my mind was constantly running with so many questions and no answers, I found a rather peculiar sign board which said, ‘you are the key’. I was amazed to see how accurate the timing was, to make the whole scene so philosophical. It still lingers in my mind without any proper thought….. ‘You’re the key’…….. To what? No one knows…… And that’s the universe
for all of us….. Made with confidence and confusion, love and indifference,
happiness and agony, and a balance of everything else.


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2 thoughts on “Real Life Philosophy

  1. The question we all ask ourselves at some time in our lives. In the absence of an immediate answer, I find purpose for my life and keep going until my expiration date, whenever it comes. Stay well ❤


    1. Yes, that’s the only way, but at the same time, that’s the hardest part… To find purpose in life. Most of them don’t realize that there is a purpose and the others who realize, don’t find the purpose until later in life.

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