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Love is home, Love is You

I remember that one time when I asked my best friend, “How do you know you’re in love? How does it feel to be in love?”. He explained his  emotions and whatever he knew about it. He told me that when we care for someone else and give them priority more than ourselves, when we want to make them happy and cater to all their needs, when we are happy to make sacrifices for them, etc. He told me how he felt when he found that special girl and how he suffered due to her leaving him behind for selfish reasons. In all honesty, I don’t know the little details what went between them so I’m no judge. But I question myself if that’s it? I mean you fall in love with someone, then things might go wrong (it could be anyone’s fault or sometimes the situation) and you are forced to leave each other and after a long, long time, you move on. Whether someone passed away, or they fell out of love losing interest, one of you were not good to the other, or any goddamn reason, you are seperated. Or a few lucky ones might also get their happily ever after. Is that going to be with everyone?

I had met someone at the time when I asked that question. Since I felt that connection between us I was confused whether I was already in love. After a couple of years now, I realize that I still can’t describe the emotion. You know, love has no definition. Its selfless yet there’re expectations. Its beautiful yet there’s pain. Its uncertain yet we plan the future in our mind, it makes us become a better version of ourselves but the loss brings our worst; its about being spiritually connected but we crave for material satiety. You can express what you feel and think its love, or you can just keep on contemplating your emotions and even after many years of togetherness still feel unsure. Coz that’s what love is – everything and nothing, all at the same time, everything you can’t think of, and nothing you could already explain. Love is strange. Love is happy. Love is pain. Love is confusing. Love is delicate. Love is harsh. Love is solace. Love is uncertain. Love is inexplicable. Love is unfathomable. Love is inevitable. Love is home. Love is You.


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