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Dreams and Fiction

You know, there is a reason why Fiction is this popular. I mean almost every person, once in a while, loves to lose themselves in a world where they can be whatever they can’t be in reality. You can make an absolutely different universe where nothing is impossible. You can make a dog fly, a bird swim or maybe you can fly yourself. You can be a great president, a pastry chef, a renowned artist, or just yourself and make a change. You can dance naked on the streets, talk to animals in their language, go walking on the ocean, be an alien yourself and it will all be possible. Dreams…that’s what these all are, right? Dreams you walk on or drown into, when you close your eyes and wait for the next sunrise. Dreams which most of the time, you don’t even remember. Know what dreams are? Dreams are a figment of fiction trying to submerge in reality. They are a combination of what is and what you want it to be. They are a bridge between imagination and truth. They let you be everything and nothing. So yes, they kinda give way to fiction. And what is Fiction? It is somewhere between nothing you could imagine and everything you could ideate. So, it just offers an opportunity to forget everything, even if for a moment, and bask in the glory of your subconscious mind where every single thing is possible. Wanna know what I think? I lose myself all the time, sometimes in cliches, other times in sci-fi, my favorite character of my favorite book, or a totally ridiculous animal none could think of. I fly higher above the various layers of clouds, watching the sun beneath; and I dive deeper into the ocean unraveling the secrets and mysteries underwater. I become a super power, who could destroy the whole universe with just a flick of a finger; and I float into the thin air, smaller than a molecule, just enjoying the view. I become a water droplet, experiencing the whole process of how I was formed; and I swim in the vacuum, looking at the those ethereal stars closely, without getting burnt. I party with the physical forms of haunting ghosts people talk about; and I become a Black hole swallowing the whole universe in one go. If you ask me, I could just go on till the end and still won’t be finished. What can I say? After all, I’m a Daydreamer. And Fiction gives me a reason to survive.

Published by somewhere_isolated

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7 thoughts on “Dreams and Fiction

  1. “Fiction gives me a reason to survive” this resonates with me and drew me into reading this great post. Dreams are strange phenomenon, takes u to a world where the impossible is very much commonplace. Like last night I dreamed that my husband pulled a crab 🦀, lobster 🦞, and lamb 🐑 from out our apartment window. Hehe

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    1. Hahaha….. That’s a quite vivid dream I’d say 😂 though I have had my share of weird and funny dreams as well. 😁 And yes it is true. That’s why it feels as if dreams and fiction are interrelated.

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