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She’s strong, she’ll make it

She wishes one day
he’d perceive all the hurt
that he had inflicted upon her
When he’d have no one
to turn to,
he’d just close his eyes
and envision himself
in her place,
in her veracious circumstance
and reckon what happened
She seeks for him
to be in her shoes
and feel what she had felt
She wishes for once he’d endure
what he had made her to
and realize the magnitude
of her anguish
She desperately hopes
that perhaps, just perhaps
he’d actually feel guilty
and regret what he did
She sometimes implores
that this wish of hers
would come true.

But then,
When she really
ruminates over it,
she cognizes
that even after everything
she still doesn’t want him
to go through all the agony
For she doesn’t desire for him
To be in pain;
Though suffering is a requisite
for him to realize his felony,
But that spartan pain
is something
she wants no one to undergo
not him, specifically
Coz she knows
that he isn’t callous enough
to abide through it
and he won’t be able to
make it to the end
He’s just a coward
who doesn’t wanna admit
his transgression,
postulating for someone
to reproach to
and then scathe them
in the words of ‘retaliation’

But I assure you darling,
That whatever you do
you can’t traumatize her,
you won’t be able to break her;
For exploiting her to her ultimacy
would take too many endeavors,
And you aren’t robust enough
to adhere till that
interminable interval.

Published by somewhere_isolated

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