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Will you be there?

Will you be there?
When I’ll close my eyes
and look for you,
in my dulcet dream,
where we’ll be together
happy and forever
I’ll just fall harder
for your endearing smile
and the way it calms me down
Then you’ll hold me close
making me feel, at peace
at home
Your effusive eyes meeting mine
will remind me of the scenic sunset
and butterflies
the gentle zephyrs
and the beautiful dandelion
flying away,
finding felicity and life

Will you be there?
To hold me and kiss me
when I’ll close my eyes,
memorizing the outline of your
beautiful eyes and smile,
for that one last time;
never to open again?

Oh Darling,
Will you still be there?

Published by somewhere_isolated

Night / Stars / Dreams Ocean / Waves / Serenity Sunset / Beauty / Moments Sky / Nature / Freedom Life / Thrill / Adventure Food / Cook / Pleasure Books / Writing / Passion Dogs / Fur / Love Him / You / Home

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