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Gazing at the starlit sky with a crescent moon adorning it, I was laying down in my backyard, preoccupied in my preposterous thoughts again. This time they were about dreams. Not those dreams which are needed to enhance our future, no. I was talking about those uncanny, absurd dreams which we see in our slumber and usually don’t give much thought. Dreams are riveting. They take us to another parallel universe where things happen the way we wish. They take us to some other dimension, far away from the concrete, where we can be the hero. But sometimes, they also make us visualize what we wish to escape from. Yes, nightmares. They are dreams too, just what we don’t want to see.

What exactly are these dreams and nightmares? I’ve heard people say that, what we mull over whole day, we see them at night as dreams. I don’t know the accuracy behind the statement, so, I’m not going to comment on that. I believe that dreams don’t entirely reflect reality, but they do contain morsels of it here and there. They are a coalescence of factual and fictional, like actual people in a chimerical world. I’ve also heard another myth that morning dreams come true. No offense to people who believe in it, but I personally don’t. I don’t see their perspective and logic coz my morning dreams have never come true. And why would they? They were just silly, ridiculous dreams treading on the thin thread which connects reality and fantasy.

And nightmares? They are either the precise or the exaggerated panorama of the pain we have endured. We either visualize those horrifying, traumatic mental images (which we desperately want to forget) like a slide show, or we envision their amplified version where the intensity is heightened to a whole new level coz of the dreadful apprehension we create in our mind.

You must be thinking why I’m talking about these dreams and nightmares. Well, thats coz I’ve undergone them too. As beguiling and vitalizing these dreams are, which we wish would occur in practicality too; I’d never dare to think about the nightmares. Those haunting memories feel so terrifyingly echt, that I’d only fall deeper into the abyss and no one would be able to pull me out, even if they try.

Its not the first time I was thinking about all these, but seeing the alluring night made me think again. No, its not that this darkness is saddening. Instead, for me, darkness is blissful and night is glorious. We feel and realize things at night. And exactly that happened. As I was staring at the lambent stars, I realized something. Stars are the celestial bodies having their own light. When all that is found in the night is darkness, they shine on their own as if they are made for it, as if they live in it. Maybe they are, maybe they do. They live through the negativities, but still twinkle bright, giving us a lesson that these negativities can’t bother us; they intrude only if we let them. So, instead of just accepting defeat without even trying, we shouldn’t lose hope. Yes, it may take time but even these stars weren’t created in a single day.

I was amazed how these little things of nature can give lessons so priceless. Slowly, I felt myself drifting off to that parallel universe. I slept, with a mitigated smile. That night, I dreamt again, only instead of having nightmares, I dreamt of a star, of myself. I dreamt of myself shining fervently like a gossamer star, in the darkness. Now I knew that I was going to write my own story. It was going to be a new beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. That’s quite insightful. As the quote says, “In the darkest night, the stars shine the brightest.” Sure enough the nature has so much to teach us, only if we look around and perceive them.
    Nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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