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Life is…

As I was walking down the path that lead me to a friend’s house, I was contemplating over something that has been bugging me for days. Life! Yes, that is what has been pestering me for long now. What exactly is life? Before I could begin cogitating over it, a sudden movement caught my attention and my eyes drifted to that direction. There was a little girl around 6 years, wearing a cute sundress with two pigtails, blushing and shying away from a guy who was wearing a regular jeans and T-shirt, hands in his pocket, and was smiling at her adoringly. They looked cute. As I looked around, I found many kids yelling and playing, laughing and squealing, just enjoying life with each other. They were all happy, with living in the present; unaware of their future, of what would come, of the things they’d have to face, incognizant of how this happy bubble of theirs could burst any minute; they were all oblivious to life and what it brings.

Yes, I’d say, more than beautiful, life is challenging. We meet people, we lose some; we perpetrate mistakes, rectify them later; we hurt and betray people even if unintentionally, and are scathed and deceived in return, even intentionally; we neglect the apparently evident things which are in front of eyes, and run behind those which look good from the distance, totally forgetting the proverb ‘All that glitters, is not gold’; and finally, the most eminent, we feel. Emotions are a primal part of life. We feel happy, and we feel sad, we feel angry and we feel crazy; we feel lonely, and we feel hurt; but above all, we feel love. Love! Just one word which is the key to conquer the whole world. No, I’m not implying that its enough to make it through everything; I’m just saying that its crucial to give us strength to keep trying without losing hope. It isn’t for just lovers, but for everyone. Coz love is pure. Trust is the key to any relationship, but love is the essence of it. It all starts with trust, but it all stays with love. Yet, the gullible, addlepated, egocentric and obstinate we, make mistakes and then try to amend it, while dealing with the consequences. Either we learn from it, and try not to reiterate, or just continue without acquiring from it. And that is life, I guess.

Life is all about committing mistakes and learning from them. Its about trying and making through it. Coz life is unplanned and unpredictable. It is that unwitting journey, where you start as a baby, having no real destination. You only learn while going through it, and you keep learning till the end. Along the way, people come and go, some helping you to find your goal, some helping you reach there; many creating barriers, while some teaching you to overcome them. Life is that challenge which people are afraid to face, but its the authenticated ‘do or die’. Either you live or you don’t. Either you constantly keep yourself together and try to survive, or you just succumb to it and give up. Life is that undeniable truth, which forms the foundation of this mortality. So, cherish it, face it, keep it, take it, give it, care for it, love it and live it. Coz that is incisively the rationale of our existence and the apotheosis of life. With this understanding, it was time for me to occlude my cerebration, for I had arrived at my address.

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