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She Persists Growing

People leave
Blame she
Heart grieves
Can’t flee

Raw wounds
Incoherent mind
Happiness pruned
Melancholy unwind

Misty eyes
Fagged soul
Emptiness resides
Tears roll

Fears increase
Body exists
Nowhere peace
Chaos persists

Scattered emotions
Fragile heart
Poignant notions
Falling apart

Yet she arise
Moving on
From her demise
To a new dawn

Hiding behind walls
Display of timidity
To avoid brawls
Seeking positivity

Wefting broken pieces
Heaving herself up
Straightening the creases
And redevelop

Trying to persevere
They aren’t worth
Her principles, adhere
Retrieving her mirth

Endeavoring to win
Fighting alone
But, robust within
A girl grown
(into a woman)

PC ©passionbookworm

Published by somewhere_isolated

Night / Stars / Dreams Ocean / Waves / Serenity Sunset / Beauty / Moments Sky / Nature / Freedom Life / Thrill / Adventure Food / Cook / Pleasure Books / Writing / Passion Dogs / Fur / Love Him / You / Home

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